30 days of gratitude

Home for the Holidays: Changing your mindset

Around the holidays, people generally start to get that nostalgic feeling when surrounded by family and friends that puts them in a better disposition. Seasons are starting their noticeable changes, weather is significantly cooler and that brings the togetherness that we look forward to wrap up our year. This is when we take to a common practice of conversations around gratitude. We gather together to say to each other what we are thankful for because….well, it’s that time of the year to be thankful. Yes, of course, this is a great practice; this is your moment of reflection. But why do we limit ourselves to only speaking gratitude one day a year?

I challenge you to participate in 30 days of gratitude. No matter when you start or what time of the year it is. Starting everyday with gratitude naturally aligns your inner self with positivity. You will take notice that you have a better attitude and certain things will become less bothersome. You can create a list of 5 things you are grateful for or 1 thing you’re grateful for and 5 reasons why. Whatever you choose, just remember, this is not a activity to pass time. Be present in your statements and honest with your convictions. If today you are grateful to have air to breathe, or legs to walk, let tomorrow bring something anew for gratitude because there are many others who would be grateful to have your blessings no matter how big or small. You will quickly realize, there are so many things you are grateful for. Check out our gratitude journals to help kick-start your journey towards positivity today

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