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Crystals are all about vibrations. Aligning your intentions should be like a calling to you. But, if you’re not in-tune with your own intuition, where do you start? Entering into the world of geology can be consuming and a bit overwhelming trying to learn everything there is to know about these ancient mystic geological formations. There are over 200 types of gemstones that have a unique identity that serves a different purpose in each stone. There’s all types of combination stones that take on characteristics of its individual stones plus other influences when used in combination. So here’s your shortcut

We’ve created some pretty magical intention candles that take the guess work out of picking specific stones for your intentions. We’ve done the research and created the perfect combinations to help you set your intention. Here’s a list of all the crystals we use inside our candles. Choose your candle with a set intention, create a little mantra and poof! Your raising your vibration instantly. When the candle is all done, take out your stones and continue your manifestation wherever you go. House them in your pocket, your purse, even your bra….for us that wear them :-P Align your vibrations with your intention and continue to embrace your mantra. You are what you attract!

  • Agate Green Moss: a stone that represents new beginnings through birth and refreshing the soul; aids in intuitive channeling of your energy; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Angelite: deepens attunement and heightens perception; encourages you to speak your truth and to be more accepting; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Amazonite: allows you to see both sides of an argument; assists in maintaining optimal health; Candles: CENTERED & GROUNDED

  • Ametrine: Facilitates transformation and stimulates creativity; CANDLES: INSPIRATION

  • Apatite: Deepens meditation and supports passion without guilt; CANDLES: INSPIRATION

  • Aventurine: creates harmony and optimism; CANDLES: WORKPLACE ZEN

  • Bloodstone: keeps out undesirable influences; teaches you how to avoid dangerous situation by strategic withdrawal, reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Carnelian: supports passion without guilt. Works with Sacral chakra with creativity blocks and comfort with sexuality; CANDLES: WORKPLACE ZEN

  • Citrine: energizing, cleansing and regenerative stone; attracts abundance; CANDLES: EMOTIONAL HEALER, GOOD LUCK

  • Calcite, clear: deep soul healing and revitalization of the aura, brings about major change; CANDLES: NEW BEGINNINGS

  • Calcite, green: increases fertility and abundance; encourages communication and restores balance to the mind; encourages you to let go of what is familiar but does not serve you; CANDLES: NEW BEGINNINGS

  • Chrysocolla: Useful for Meditation and communication and reverses destructive programming; CANDLES: FINDING MY CHI

  • Fluorite: helps overcome disorganization, cleanses and stabilizes the aura and brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution Candles: EXPRESS YOURSELF

  • Howlite: calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Lapis Lazuli: helps to overcome shyness and timidity CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Labradorite: Mental Transformation that raises one's consciousness CANDLES: INSPIRATION

  • Lepidolite: a stone of transition it aids in analytic process and decision-making. Activates and opens all chakra, it gently removes and restructures outwork behavioral patterns; CANDLES: UPGRADE YOU

  • Jade: a stone of purity, serenity and nurturing and encourages authenticity; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Jasper, Brecciated: gentle stimulation and grounding energy; rectifying unjust situations CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Jasper, Red: calm your emotion and stimulates base chakras, calms sexual aggression and promotes sexual compatibility CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Malachite: cleanser for emotional body and releases trauma CANDLES: EMOTIONAL HEALER

  • Mookaite: a nurturing stone that helps you accept change and new ideas, it brings peace and wholeness and encourages versatility; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Moonstone: arouses eroticism, increases the passion of current relationships and burys feelings of past affairs, activates intuition; CANDLES: LOVE SPELL

  • Obsidian, Black: Reflects negative energy to its source; CANDLES: HOME SECURITY

  • Petrified Wood: lessen worry; CANDLES: FINDING MY CHI

  • Quartz, Clear: high vibrational stone that acts as a energy amplifier, doubles your electromagnetic energy field; CANDLES: GOOD VIBES ONLY

  • Rhodochrosite: represents selfless love and compassion, excellent for the heart and relationships; attracts a soulmate who contributes to learning lessons for your higher good, encourages spontaneous expression of feelings, including passionate and erotic urges; CANDLES: LOVE SPELL

  • Rhodonite: stone of self-love and forgiveness for others, increases confidence and self love by stimulating and healing the heart, helps with codependency; CANDLES: LOVE THYSELF

  • Rose Quartz: unconditional love and compassion and infinite peace, receptive to beauty of all kinds and attracts love; CANDLES: LOVE THYSELF

  • Sardonyx, Black: protection and detoxifying stone that strengthens willpower and character, it promotes integrity and virtuous conduct, attracts friends and good fortune; CANDLES: GOOD LUCK

  • Smoky Quartz: Mental transformation that raises your consciousness; CANDLES: EXPRESSION, INSPIRATION

  • Sodalite: puts you in touch with your higher mind and opens spiritual perception uniting logic with intuition; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Tree Agate: stabilizing stone for safety and security, restores vitality; offers protection against negativity and imparting strength to overcome unpleasant circumstances; CANDLES: PROTECTION

  • Tiger’s Eye: facilitates assertion, deals with issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity; CANDLES: COMING SOON

  • Tourmaline, Black: Creates boundaries; CANDLES: HOME SECURITY

  • Unakite: balances emotions with spirituality, facilitates rebirthing by releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth CANDLES: UPGRADE YOU

  • Vesuvianite: alleviates fear and negativity, creates a sense of inner security; CANDLES: HOME SECURITY

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