Gemstone Spotlight: Carnelian

Gemstone Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about crystals? Apart from looking cool and pretty, crystals and mineral of all kinds are believed to hold healing properties that can help our moods, soothe our emotions and even alleviate certain symptoms of physical ailments. Here are descriptions of five of the most popular crystals to help you get started with your own collection.



The beautiful shades of orange, rust, red, golden brown and deep ochre make carnelian a very attractive crystal to have nearby or to wear in jewelry. It is warming and comforting and believed to be a talisman for courage and happiness.


Are you looking for a reconciliation with a loved one? Maybe you have trust issues within love relationships. Carnelian is the stone to turn to for this. Place it nearby or give as a gift to your love interest to help with compromise and unrequited love.


Carnelian is thought to be a motivating crystal and for this reason it can be very useful to anyone who feels that they have reached the end of their enthusiasm or motivation in their work life. It can encourage a change of direction in career or rekindle a desire to create financial abundance.


Physically, this crystal has been used historically be healers and Shamans in many cultures to treat lower back problems and to improve the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Emotionally, carnelian can help you to trust others and also to connect with the worlds of spirit and the higher realms.


Carnelian corresponds to the Sacral chakra. This is the chakra most closely associated with sensual pleasures of all kinds. It can help you to find joy in life and also boost your sexual desires. It help to give you confidence in your physical body so that you can live without fear or guilt.

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