Gemstone Spotlight: Labradorite

Gemstone Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about crystals? Apart from looking cool and pretty, crystals and mineral of all kinds are believed to hold healing properties that can help our moods, soothe our emotions and even alleviate certain symptoms of physical ailments. Here are descriptions of five of the most popular crystals to help you get started with your own collection.



Labradorite is a feldspar mineral made up of layers within the stone that refract and reflect the light in a beautiful and mesmerizing way. The colors range from deepest peacock blue to purple, red, gold and shades of green. If you need to protect yourself from psychic vampires, other people’s bad moods or just the grind of daily life try carrying a piece of labradorite around.


If you want your lover to remain faithful labradorite is the crystal to turn to. Many people say that it is good for reigniting the spark of passion in a relationship that has become stale and dull.


Thinking of starting a new business venture? Labradorite can be your friend. It is believed to encourage creative thinking and help you to generate new money-making ideas.


Use Labradorite crystals around your home and workspace if you feel the need to lift your mood or lighten the atmosphere. It is an excellent stone to meditate with as it has a soothing vibration and the beauty of the crystals help to focus the mind on positivity and joy.

Healers and shamans throughout human history have used this stone to alleviate symptoms of colds and coughs as well as soothing an upset stomach.


The vibration of labradorite is most closely aligned with the Throat chakra. When this chakra is in balance, and the energy is flowing smoothly, you are able to speak your truths without fear and to stand up for ourselves and others with confidence. It will help you to communicate verbally with others in a helpful, productive way.

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