Gemstone Spotlight: Malachite

Gemstone Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about crystals? Apart from looking cool and pretty, crystals and mineral of all kinds are believed to hold healing properties that can help our moods, soothe our emotions and even alleviate certain symptoms of physical ailments. Here are descriptions of five of the most popular crystals to help you get started with your own collection.




Occurring in beautiful shades of green, malachite is a popular stone for jewelry of all kinds. People say it is a calming and balancing stone and helps with mood swings and irrational tempers. Do you feel the need for protection from your own fears? Malachite is good for this and help bring your mood back into balance if you are feeling over-anxious.


As with most green or pink crystals malachite is a powerful good luck stone for those looking for love. Do you want to form a deeper connection with your loved one? Would you like a little more compassion or understanding?  Malachite is a great rubbing stone for this purpose. It is also believed to be especially helpful for people looking for love in later life.


Carry malachite with you when you are faced with situations that require you to ask for money, whether this be a raise in salary, a loan or recovering a debt. 


Spiritually malachite is an excellent stone for establishing a strong connection with the Higher Realms and the world of Spirit.  If you want to work on your own spiritual development try meditating with malachite. Feel that your beliefs are now outdated? Ask this stone to bring you more information that is relevant to you now.

Physical healing with malachite includes supporting the nervous and hormonal systems, soothing tired eyes and alleviating the symptoms of PMS and menopause.


Malachite supports the Heart chakra during any form of chakra work, including cleansing, clearing and balancing. It helps to open the Heart Center gently and safely, encouraging trust and enabling you to both give and receive love without fear.

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