Gemstone Spotlight: Pyrite

Gemstone Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about crystals? Apart from looking cool and pretty, crystals and mineral of all kinds are believed to hold healing properties that can help our moods, soothe our emotions and even alleviate certain symptoms of physical ailments. Here are descriptions of five of the most popular crystals to help you get started with your own collection.



Most commonly known as “fool’s gold” or “firestone” Pyrite is a powerful protective and grounding stone and can be used to bring you back to center if you are feeling lightheaded or overwhelmed by circumstances. Its weight and solidity are excellent reminders that we are connected to the Earth at all times and that we are all part of the benevolent energy fields of nature and the cosmos. It is a good stone for “flighty” temperaments.


If your love life is going through a bad patch try introducing a piece of this stone into the room or carrying it in your pocket. Pyrite is supposed to help you call back a lost love and also to express your feelings sincerely.



Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold” because of its resemblance to the queen of all metals. It is often used as a wealth magnet and can be placed in the Southwest corner of the home to encourage a flow of financial abundance. 


Emotionally and spiritually pyrite is a powerful protection stone and can help you to feel shielded from the unreasonable demands of others on your time and energy. If other people’s needs are draining you, give yourself a boost with this crystal.

If you suffer from lung or respiratory disorders give pyrite a go by wearing a necklace or pendant of it close to your chest.


The vibration of pyrite aligns closely with the Base or Root chakra because of its excellent grounding properties. It can also be used to good effect on the Sacral and Solar plexus chakras where it encourages balance and harmony in the flow of energy from the lower to the higher chakras.

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