How can I charge my crystals?

Using Crystals

Crystals are essential to living your best life in the most purified form. They join your spiritual connection with your inner self. Cleanse and charge them regularly! Let me explain why this is important.


Even if no one, other than yourself, comes in contact with your crystals, you’re energy can be transferred by handling them when you’re not focused. No one person is a hermit crab; You come in contact with other people’s energy regularly. This is why it is important to charge your crystals. You can create new positive energy in your surrounding environment, being able to transform your inner greatness and expand throughout yourself and others.

One of the most popular methods is simply to place your crystals in full moon light on a window sill overnight. Charging with exposure to direct moonlight fills them with positive energy. The lunar energy will empower your stones making them very ready to be used for everyday use.

Another way you can charge your crystals is by placing other crystals in a circle and put the crystal you want to charge in the middle. A grid of certain sacred geometry may resonate with you (but we’ll talk about sacred geometry in another post).

If you want your crystal to be charged with the energy of the earth, place your crystal close by any soil. Surrounding your crystal with plants and dirt can help to charge your crystal with earth’s energy, especially those crystals that resonate with the lower chakras.

Once you are able to decide which is more monumental, get in touch with your inner spirit guide and thoughts. Direct your energy, prayers, mantras and intention on that visualization. Focus your meditation on filling your crystals with the energy to serve you at your highest good. These many ways in which to direct thoughts and intentions onto a crystal and can serve to charge them with positivity.

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