I've got crystals...now what?!

Using Crystals

I've got crystals! Now What? 

How to use your crystals everyday

You’d probably be surprised at how crystals are already prevalent in your everyday life. You can find crystals inside your TV, in drinking glasses and even some watch faces are made of pure crystal quartz. Protection, safeguarding, healing, cleansing, purifying, negative energy dispelling and much, much more are just a few examples of what crystal energy brings to the table. Just placing a crystal or two on a window sill in your space will improve the feel of a space. It acts to protect the space from too much chi coming through the window and radiates power to your aura. Placing a crystal under your pillow at night can dispel negative energies that bring bad dreams or nightmares.

Hanging crystals in your space especially above your doorways, can protect the space from people and unseen energies that come through the door and bring negativity.. Large crystals can be sat in areas of each room to purify the air or even add a pop of interest. Plus, crystals are great conversation starters!

Furthermore, wearing certain types of crystals on your person can prevent negative energies from invading your happy life and can protect you from energies that would come to cause illness. Also, placing a crystal of the right type in a container of water can actually purify the water which can then be used as “holy water” for rituals.

It is true; crystals have a very important role in everyday life, if we actually employ their power consistently. Seek to find ways in which your soul resonates with the use of certain stones and find your own ways in which crystals can empower your life!

Continue to cleanse and charge your crystals and live your best life with love and light!



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