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Gemstone Spotlight: Labradorite

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about crystals? Apart from looking cool and pretty, crystals and mineral of all kinds are believed to hold healing properties that can help our moods, soothe our emotions and even alleviate certain symptoms of physical ailments. Here are descriptions of five of the most popular crystals to help you get started with your own collection. Labradorite Properties Labradorite is a feldspar mineral made up of layers within the stone that refract and reflect the light in a beautiful and mesmerizing way. The colors range from deepest peacock blue to purple, red, gold and shades of green. If you need to protect yourself from psychic vampires, other people’s bad moods or just...

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I'm charged up!

Crystals are essential to living your best life in the most purified form. They join your spiritual connection with your inner self. Cleanse and charge them regularly! Let me explain why this is important.

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Cleansing your crystals

How do I cleanse my crystals? What is the best method for cleansing crystals? Well easily said, it is whatever resonates best with your soul so it's entirely up to you. Tap into your intuition and decide what method is best suited for you and that will be the method that works best for your crystals. Speak to your crystals and feel the energy of the stone. Be mindful of when the energy shifts using different methods to cleanse them. This will help you determine which method is most effective. There are so many ways to cleanse and I will mention a few methods here. Using Sage smoke is one of the most traditional methods among crystal cleansing. You can...

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I've got crystals...now what?!

I've got crystals! Now What?  How to use your crystals everyday You’d probably be surprised at how crystals are already prevalent in your everyday life. You can find crystals inside your TV, in drinking glasses and even some watch faces are made of pure crystal quartz. Protection, safeguarding, healing, cleansing, purifying, negative energy dispelling and much, much more are just a few examples of what crystal energy brings to the table. Just placing a crystal or two on a window sill in your space will improve the feel of a space. It acts to protect the space from too much chi coming through the window and radiates power to your aura. Placing a crystal under your pillow at night can...

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