Starting your journey to self-enlightenment

Let's be real: we can't all get along.
People have different life experiences that shape their opinions and actions. But what we can do, is respect each other's differences. I've created the tools to show you how. The only way to do this is to understand our own viewpoints. We have to know where we came from to know where we're going. Now, of course you know your history. It's yours and yours only. But WHY did you end up where you are? The why is just as important as the how. The answers are inside you and you have to dive deep into yourself to find them. There is a power within you. A power that holds so much tenacity; only if you can tap into it. A power that will create the life you desire.
More often than not, we get lost in our day-to-day decision making and we forget to check in with ourselves. Then we find ourselves on a path that we don't even know how we got on. And that's why its important to self-govern ourselves. But you can't self-govern, if you're not in tune with your journey thus far.
Therefore, I created this brand to give people the tools to connect to their most inner self and inner peace. Life experiences and relationships taught me the actions necessary to elevate my mindset. Although life is about experiencing it, it is also about learning from it along the way. It's about holding on to that positive energy force and allowing it to propel you into success.
Paying attention to your emotions, good or bad, recognizing triggers and learning how to control them with mindfulness and learning your path to compassion will lead you into developing your spiritual wellness.
Don't wish it to be easier, wish to be better.
Don't wish for less problems, wish for more wisdom.
What you think effects what you feel.
Channel your energy into your thoughts.
Your future is just a matter of thoughts. So if you can control your thoughts, you can control your future. 
I am Brittny Richardson.
Counselor. Mediator. Dreamer. Visionary.
A Black woman striving towards a world of respect and understanding of differences.
So may it be.