Aventurine Heart Chakra Diffuser Bracelet
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Aventurine Heart Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

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Featuring Aventurine Stones promoting harmony and cheerfulness while activating the calmness of the heart chakra.

Each stretch bracelet is approximately 7.5 inch diameter and made from Natural Volcanic Basalt. Lava beads are a porous, grounding stone that connects us to Mother Earth while promoting strength, courage and stability.  Lava beads allow you to add any fragrant oil blends to your bracelet. The oils will become entangled in the openings of the lava bead to create a long term experience of your intentional manifestations through your sense of smell.

 Each charm represents  the meeting points of the chakras, or subtle energy channels. They are made of zinc alloy which is lead and nickel free approximately 1.25" diameter.

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