Creative Solstice


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Created with the intention of protecting your sacred energetic space.

Featuring Black Tourmaline and Tree Agate Stones, this candle is scented with a warm spice and earthy patchouli blend with a delicate blooming lily combined Sandalwood, musk, sweet warm amber and hints of vanilla at the base of the scent.

This candle is best placed in a space where you spend most of your time. We are protecting your personal energy from any external, misaligned vibrations so Black Tourmaline acts as your barrier by creating boundaries. Add in Tree Agate stones to create a stable boundary for safety and security while offering protection against negativity and imparting strength to overcome unpleasant circumstances.

Create a mantra that affirms how you can protect your energy from something or even someone. Remember to be specific with your intention throughout the candle burning process.

Each candle is enhanced with Reiki energy and intended to serve you at your highest good. Once the candle has roughly 1/2 inch of wax remaining, carefully remove the stones and rinse then cleanse. These stones are now ready to be carried as pocket stones.

This 8 oz candle has approximately 45-60 hours of burn time. Each candle comes with a lid and packaged in a open window box.

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